Audio Tips

TAUPE tips

June 23, 2022

The king of sample-based analog tape plugins.

1. Recreate the analog vibe of the Tape Era in your digital mix.

2. Choose between 21 Tape machines for authentic reel to reel sound. The best authentic harmonic saturation in the digital domain.

3. MIX BUS TAPE MAGIC SETTINGS: use A8-eleven program to fatten up your mix, tweak EQ and compression to refine your mix.

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ELREY tips

June 23, 2022

Greg Wells' acclaimed signature compressor plugin.

Give your tracks a big, warm sound is easy as 1-2-3.

1. The finest vintage tube compressor for your DAW

2. Get a big and warm sound with valve compression. Give analog voodoo to your tracks.

3. MIX BUS MAGIC SETTINGS: use slow attack, fast release, 80Hz filter and 3 dB of gain reduction for an instant hit!

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SAND tips

June 23, 2022

Rock your Mix.

Get massive drums!

1. Rock your mix with the aggressive high-end British sound.

2. Use the most comprehensive and powerful channel strip in your DAW. The sound that dominated the pop and rock scene from '80 on.

3. MAGIC SETTINGS: make your drums explode. Use the bus comp with 4:1 ratio, slowest attack and fastest release on your drum bus.

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June 23, 2022

Purple-style EQ. The way it's supposed to be.

1. The legendary vintage tube EQ.

2. Fatten up and add presence and brilliance to your sounds with simple moves. This is the most famous passive tube EQ that naturally enhances your tracks.

3. MAGIC SETTINGS: make your mix smile! Add 100Hz and 10KHz 2dB boost on your mix bus for a very effective smile EQ.

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PINK tips

June 23, 2022

The state-of-the-art collection of legendary processors from the 60s.

1. The classic American Class A sound for your mix.

2. Get a puncy and dynamic sound with the classic American channel strip. Taylor your sound choosing preamp, EQ and compressor from the best US Class A processors.

3. GUITAR CLARITY SETTINGS: make your guitars cut through the mix boosting 2k and 4k with the EQ plugin.

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GOLD tips

June 23, 2022

24K sound in your DAW

1. The analog vibe in your DAW.

2. Warm up your digital sound with the faithful recreation of warm luscious transformer based on equipment. The authentic sound of the most revered British consoles.

3. MAGIC SETTINGS: spice up your snare. Boost 7.2 KHz for a fat and spanky one!

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