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Our Acqua Plug-in Series is the culmination of years of research, testing, and development of a number of advanced technical processes that are exclusive to Acustica Audio. The impeccable reproduction quality of the resulting samples is nearly indistinguishable from the original devices. The proprietary Acqua Engine introduces further optimizations and improvements on the basic design and architecture. Our attention is constantly being directed towards unexplored territories, maintaining our vision in order to provide the ultimate sampling-based processing approach. To get the most out of modern multi-core processor architectures, CPU intensive sub-systems of the Acustica Audio Acqua Engine Core have been rewritten in order to support multi-threading. Most audio devices can thus be succesfully sampled without further editing or adjustment, and then immediately processed and reproduced via the same engine, which takes care of all the data storing, managing and, if necessary, advanced editing duties.

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