NEBULA - Virgo


DiBiQuadro - Virgo is a library for Nebula 4 / Nebula 4 Player based on what has truly established itself as the “industry standard” for combo/self-contained all-tube guitar amplifiers. The sampled model is a '65 reissue of the version often referred to as “Blackface”, used on thousands of recordings and countless live performances, proven to be incredibly versatile not only for guitar but also bass, keyboards, vocals, accordion, electric violin and many other electrified instruments.

The main core of Virgo has been sampled with top-class cables/gear to obtain the greatest path possible. Additionally, two pristine reverbs - a Room (default) and a Rich Plate - have been taken from a highly acclaimed digital hardware reverb unit; then, two different flavors of vintage tremolo – mono and stereo – have been added to satisfy your need for surf music and significantly multiply the sound possibilities; finally, a built-in limiter completes the chain.

Three output modes are available. The power amp provides pristine clarity, great dynamics and a larger than life
frequency response: this option sounds great by itself; however if you want to use your own IRs, this is the
starting point. The 57 and 201 options give you two great dynamic microphones, masterfully placed in front of
the open-back cabinet to get the fullest tone possible. The sweet spot has been determined by injecting pink
noise in the amp and by minimizing phase cancellations on the best sounding speaker of the combo.

Like in every our product, each band, and preamp has been sampled without any converter / “calibration bias”
phase distortion. This allows overlapping the effect of more bands without adding unwanted coloration, reaching
a new level of match with hardware for unparalleled results, even compared to the hardware itself. This
methodology is named SP Tech.




Pre/Power Amp  

10 harmonics x 30 levels (300 FIR impulses in Hi-Definition mode)

"Q" on L and H bands (fixed)

PWR (Power Amp 4x6L6s direct), 57 - dynamic microphone in '73 preamp, 201 - dynamic microphone in '73 preamp

EQ full range [dB]

Fast Attack, Infinite Ratio, Hard Knee, Stereo Linked

HPF [Hz]

Room (default) - Rich (switch selectable)

LPF [Hz]

Mono (default) - Stereo(switch selectable)

SP Tech                                                                                         



  • Fully compatible with ARM M1 (macOS Monterey Compatibility)

Mandatory requirements

In order to use products from the official 3rd party developers:

- It is mandatory first to install either N4 Player or N4. Only after this step, it is possible to proceed with the installation of 3rd party products.
- Please don't install both versions of N4 - use only one of them to guarantee the proper functioning of the products!
- Please make sure that you use the latest available version of N4 or N4 Player.
- N4 and N4 players cannot coexist.

Use our new application Aquarius (see the User Guide in Aquarius page) to complete the procedure of installation and authorization;  3rd party developers' products are only available on Aquarius.

Contact info

 Mail the developer at [email protected]

NEBULA - Virgo

  • LIST PRICE: €89.00