NEBULA - Verona Console

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London Acoustics - Verona Vintage Tube Console may seem pretty simple on paper: Low/high shelves plus a Mid band semi-parametric equaliser based on an original vintage tube circuit from the middle of last century. So don’t expect the flattest frequency response in the world for your mastering chain, but a very unique and strong vintage character that will bend your track in a dramatic way, with deep, warm bass and grainy highs to firmly sculpt your sound. The Mid has been custom-extended by London Acoustics from one band to 13 bands in order to achieve a wider range of action and more flexibility.

Its magical preamp has been sampled in the original “barn find” state, and in nine different stages of repetitive sampling. The sampled unit is extremely rare and its model still unknown, all we know is that it comes from a British company that was a pioneering industry that made the history of the radio, amplifiers, effects, etc. founded in 1924.

During the war the company was temporarily converted, like many other by the government, to a receivers/transmitters and radars manufacturing plant, collaborating with partners of the likes of Marconi, Plessey, and EMI. After the conflict they came back to the audio gear (not only), buying Dynatron in 1954 and Ferranti International PLC in 1957. In the 1960 the firm merged, passing on all his technical knowledge, with PYE to form a new holding, the British Electronics Industries LTD. In 1966 the founder sadly died in a bathing accident.

All the rest is a well known story...


  • Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 80Hz.
  • Mid-Low Semi Parametric, continuous, +/- 15dB gain, 125Hz-3.7kHz frequency range.
  • High Shelf +/-17dB gain, 12kHz.
  • Vintage tube analogue circuit preamp on/off button.
  • Recapped preamps selection-knob, 9 positions.
  • Output peak VU meter led.

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NEBULA - Verona Console

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