NEBULA - Tokyo Tube EQ 2



London Acoustics - Tokyo 2 is inspired by a rare parametric tube equaliser, carefully refurbished and sampled for historical accuracy.
TOKYO TUBE EQ 2 has been designed to bring beautifully warm vintage colour to your mixes.
The reference unit is a beautifully crafted piece of boutique gear from the mid-‘90’s, made by a well-respected former Italian manufacturer.
The unit features a tube mic/line/acoustic preamp and four tube equalisation bands - two shelves; two fully parametric.





  • Low Shelf 80Hz +/-15dB gain.
  • Low Mid Parametric with 3 position Q bells: narrow, medium wide, +/-15dB gain, continuous 150Hz-800Hz frequency range.
  • High Mid Parametric with 3 position Q bells: narrow, medium wide, +/-15dB gain, continuous 800Hz-4kHz frequency range.
  • High Shelf 12kHz +/-15dB gain.
  • Tube circuit medium/high saturated preamp.
  • Bypass on/off button.
  • VU Meters IN/OUT -21/+5dB


  • Better, more accurate frequency-response curves. Solved some rare cases of reported slight-echo.
  • Better, more accurate phase distortion.
  • UI with written Frequency and Volume values, due to popular demand.
  • New resampled (second unit) preamp with the same technique of Brighton.
  • Now with full 44, 48, 96 native pack and better SRC.
  • Overall CPU usage improvement.
  • Redefined knob resolution and progression for a better usability.

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Contact info

 Mail the developer at [email protected]


NEBULA - Tokyo Tube EQ 2

  • LIST PRICE: €70.00