ACQUA - Snow


Snow is a suite of four plugins emulating modern British-style gear, artfully designed by the most celebrated personality in the history of professional audio and representing the culmination of his extensive knowledge of analog circuits.

The only snow that's steaming hot.

Snow includes emulations of several juicy units, including one of the most expensive studio consoles currently available (entirely discrete – with custom-designed input and output transformers) and a favorite of one of the most famous electronic music producers in the world.

What you get

Snow includes:

  • SNOW EQ:  A 4-Band Equalizer with: High-pass and Low-pass Filters, 24 Line and Mic Preamps for a total of 48 preamp emulations, plus a variable and versatile Texture circuit.
  • SNOW PRE: Includes 24 Line,24 Mic and 4 Custom (Mono/Stereo) preamps derived from a modern British console for a total of 52 succulent preamplifiers for you to choose from.
  • SNOW COMP: Features 2 different switchable dynamics processors (043 – CH2), the associated preamp emulations, plus a variable and versatile Texture circuit.
  • SNOW MASTER BUSS: Features a Stereo Compressor, followed by a versatile 'by-passable' limiter and a stereo field manipulation module  plus a variable and versatile Texture circuit. Your secret weapon to polish your sound and add finishing touches to your master bus.

Each plug-in included in the Snow suite comes in a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL*” version, which operates at *zero latency and is thus suitable for use when tracking, at the cost of extra processing resources. For further details consult the Blond user's manual in the Overview section.

Snow EQ - Texturally perfect.

Snow EQ is all about that console flavor that separates the toys from the serious tools. It offers astonishing transparency, embodying half a century of high-end audio equipment design experience as conceived by one of the best electronic engineers who ever lived. Plus, it offers some genuinely unique features, such as the Texture circuit, that can breathe life into the dullest of recordings.

Snow Pre - the ultimate 'British-style' preamplifiers.

Snow's juicy preamp plugin comprises three separate banks (LINE-MIC-CUST), packing a total of 52 'British-style' preamplifiers.

Snow Comp - Dynamics? From ho-hum to gung-ho!

The Snow compressor plugin is a dual-mono plugin equipped with two powerful dynamics processors:

- 053 is derived from a British style dynamic processor, input and output transformers, and almost entirely discrete component amplifiers.

- CH2 is derived from a very famous, now discontinued, compressor-limiter module with fully controllable feed-forward / feedback modes and a Peak / RMS detection combo.

Snow Comp also includes a versatile 'Texture' circuit that lets you adjust the amount of drive pre-output.

Snow Master Buss - Kicks Bus!

Snow MB (short for Master Bus) is our take on a stereo dynamic processor derived from a modern British style unit. Its manufacturer described it as being able to enhance, reconstruct, and smooth out your sound to perfection. And who are we to disagree?

It really is a remarkable unit, capable of adding the finishing touches to your master bus like nothing else. You got compression, limiting, stereo field control, and harmonic content manipulation all in a single plugin!




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Technical Specs

  • Core 17
  • Available sample rates: 44.1kHz | 48kHz | 88.2kHz | 96kHz


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ACQUA - Snow

  • LIST PRICE: €179.00