ACQUA - Silver - Volume A



Silver - Volume A is an additional Volume for Silver.

IMPORTANT: It is mandatory that Silver be installed on your computer for the additional volumes to be used.

Make sure you have installed and authorised the Silver FREE player through the Aquarius Desktop application.

About Silver

Silver is a suite of Acqua plug-ins consisting of three FREE players available in the following formats: VST, VST3, AAX, and AU and dedicated to emulating reverbs of physical spaces and sampled equipment.
Silver is an amazing project that has taken a long time to design and develop and has paid off considerably given the incredible results obtained, in fact we have finally given birth to a new generation of cutting-edge reverb plug-ins.

Silver consists of:

1- Silver; the main FREE player (standard version) featuring fine-tuning controls, LP and HP filters plus a 3 band Eq applied to the reverberated signal source. It contains by default four different emulated physical spaces.
2- Silver Mini; a ‘mini’ FREE version of the Silver player which includes the same features as Silver except the midband Eq is absent and the display is smaller than the main version.
3- Silver Lite; an alternative FREE version of the player, that includes the same features of Silver but does not include the LP and HP filters and the 3 band Eq.

What's the idea behind Silver?

All of us like to use real physical spaces for reverberation because they sound more natural, as it is the way we perceive space in our daily experience.
Unfortunately, physical areas are challenging to manage because of the resonances and slight imperfections, and quite often convolution reverbs also tend to sound static and dimensionless. Through our experience with SIENNA, we have created a revolutionary processor that straddles machine learning, DSP, and artificial intelligence: Silver.

With the Silver suite you can make your audio source sound as if it were being played elsewhere, adding the acoustics of existing physical spaces to your productions.
This project stems from the idea to introduce a state-of-art product to the software market that can stand out from the rest thanks to its unique features to help change the way people use reverbs.
Our aim is to introduce to the software market a product of the highest quality that is unique from the rest, helping to breathe new life into the approach of sampling physical spaces by exploiting a proprietary technology capable of producing reverbs of the highest quality and fidelity. SILVER corrects each reflection, leading to micro-equalization resulting in a defect-free version of the entire reverb tail, making the sound much more natural.

We believe we have achieved this! The Silver suite recreates the listening experience of theatres, rooms, churches, recording studios and other real-world environments and spaces, so welcome to the highest quality reverberations based on dynamic convolution by Acustica Audio.

Silver - Volume A

Silver Volume A includes 77 physical spaces from many different locations that we carefully measured and profiled for a total of more than 120 different emulations divided in several categories: Club - Religious - Opera & Theatre -  Studio & Scoring - Public Spaces - Music Misc - Post Misc - Domestic.

We started by taking advantage of the wonderful cultural heritage of our nation, rich in historically, architecturally and acoustically interesting places, and then moved on to Europe as well.

The result of this journey led to the creation of Silver - Volume A, the first package in a series dedicated to reverbs, which includes a large number of what we believe is a series of carefully selected and acoustically attractive physical spaces.

Below are some of the most representative emulations you will find in this rich Volume:

Chiesa Santa Maria del Lago

Category: Religious
Located: Moscufo - Pescara - Italy
Description: The Romanesque church of Santa Maria del Lago takes its name from the nearby forest (Lucus). It was probably built on pre-existing Roman ruins and is the only surviving building of the 12th-century Benedictine abbey, as evidenced by the inscription (1159) on the ambo. Three different emulations are available for this building with different distances from the capture source plus a fourth ‘artificial’ emulation called LARGEx3 achieved by increasing the length of the reverb considerably.

The Sphere Studio

Category: Studio and Scoring
Located: Montesilvano – Pescara - Italy
Description:The Spheres is a recording studio and events space in Pescara-Montesilvano (Italy) on the Adriatic coast. The studio was designed principally for acoustic music, but is versatile and welcomes all genres. The studio was founded by Odradek Records, a democratic cooperative record label based in the United States, active in classical, jazz and world. Aside from being the home for Odradek projects the control room is a stereo Tom Hidley-inspired ‘non-environment’ space. Planning and acoustic design was by John Anderson.

Castello Bolognini

Category: Music Misc
Located: Sant’Angelo Lodigiano – Lodi -Italy
Description: ‘Castello Bolognini in Lodi’ (Italy) is located in Lombardy in the municipality of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano in the province of Lodi – Italy, a castle dated back to the 13th century, it was the dwelling house of important families: Visconti, Sforza and finally the Bolognini dynasty who were the owners until the first half of the 20th century. We sampled three different locations for this building with different distances from the capture source plus a fourth ‘artificial’ emulations called Largex3 achieved increasing the length of the reverb considerably.


Bed & Breakfast La Gallina

Category: Public Spaces
Located: Lodi – Italy
Description: Main room of a B&B in Lodi - Italy

Prime Studios

Category: Studio and Scoring
Located: Mils Austria
Description: Prime Studio is a recording, mixing and post-production studio located in the beautiful Austrian Alps. It’s one of the best facilities in Europe for the Audio Pro. The studio’s clients thrive off its inspiring location, light and airy spaces and first-rate equipment specs. we have had the pleasure and good fortune to sample these studios and as a result within Silver Volume A you will be able to use several emulations (with different distances from the capture source) derived from 10 different physical spaces.


- Silver & Silver Volume A include Presets.
- Other Additional Volumes/packages will be released in the near future
- For further information and explanations of each emulation, please take a look at the Silver and Silver - Volume A User's manuals
- Click here to download all Audio Demos


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Technical Specs

  • Core 17
  • Available sample rates: 44.1kHz | 48kHz | 88.2kHz | 96kHz
  • M1 Compatible



ACQUA - Silver - Volume A

  • LIST PRICE: €159.00