NEBULA - Osaka Mix Eq 2

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London Acoustics - OSAKA MIX EQ 2 is a custom-built, solid-state parametric equalizer designed with no compromise on quality. It features LOW CUT, LOW SHELF, LOW-MID and HIGH-MID PARAMETRIC, HI SHELF and HIGH CUT parameter controls, somewhat Oxford-esque in inspiration, though specially developed for mixing purposes, to bring a wide palette of color to your mixes.




features a second preamp stage called DRIFT+, an additional preamp stage with custom circuitry, sampled and developed entirely by London Acoustics to emphasize the “analog feel” of this equipment.
“Analogue Drift” is in regard to the effect of the component’s temperature altering its sonic character, over time.
All of these subtle variations are usually due to naturally occurring reactions in circuitry that have not been compensated for in the design. This phenomenon is also known as the (with a slightly less glamorous name) “Flaw/Feature effect”.

This effect gives, in the physical hardware domain, more openness and the impression of more air, and more subtle enhancement of dynamic, to make your recording sound more “alive”. The Analogue DRIFT+ feature is an integral part of that sonic character that gives vintage signal processors that analog sound.

With DRIFT+, we have harnessed this effect and brought it in line with current audio standards: recreating this effect in an amplified way, improving the fidelity, widening the frequency spectrum and response.
The DRIFT+ option is well suited to nearly every kind of track, mixing group, and sometimes even worth try on the master bus!



  • Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 20 - 400Hz frequency range.
  • Mid-Low Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 50Hz-1.3kHz frequency range.
  • Mid-High Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 1kHz-13kHz frequency range.
  • High Shelf +/-15dB gain, 1.5 - 13kHz fequency range.
  • High Pass Filter 75Hz 12dB/oct, Low pass filter 16kHz 12dB/oct.
  • Solid State analogue circuit preamp on/off button.
  • Analogue Drift circuit [DRIFT+] on/off button.
  • Bypass on/off button.
  • VU Meters IN/OUT -42/+5dB


  • High pass filter and Low pass filter added
  • Cleaner, more accurate frequency-response curves, and PH distortion.
  • New resampled preamp with the same technique of Brighton.
  • New resampled DRIFT+ with the same technique of Brighton.
  • Now with full 44, 48, 96 native pack and better SRC.
  • Overall CPU usage improvements.
  • Redefined knobs resolution and progression for a better overall usability.

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NEBULA - Osaka Mix Eq 2

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