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Jam is the first Acqua plugin suite (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) that includes a collection of saturation effects based on top-tier hardware units improved with our ‘Hyper’ 2 technology, delivering unparalleled sonic warmth and character to your music. It's the perfect choice for those seeking the large number of saturation types, with a distinctive sound and an analogue feel above all, in a single plugin suite, perfectly comfortable anywhere in your mix and also suited for master bus applications, in just a few seconds and in a very simple way!

The King of saturators

Jam is more than just a collection of various analog saturation emulations. Keeping in mind the simple concept is that the sound of transistors, tubes, and pushed circuits has long been the key ingredient of high-quality analog recordings and is universally adopted by the vast majority of recording studios, our team has worked tirelessly to capture the true essence of the analog sound and encapsulate its inherent nuances in a suite that contains the largest collection of distortion units currently on the market.

To develop Jam, we conducted meticulous research and analysis of both vintage and modern hardware. We carefully selected equipment with the most distinct sound and unique character, whether used sparingly or pushed to the extreme. We then created highly precise emulations improving them with our second version of "Hyper" technology to ensure authenticity and the best sound possible.

To enhance your experience and facilitate your workflow, we also added some powerful controls, to help you unlock the full sonic potential of these models.


What you get

The Jam suite includes:

  • Jam (complete version)
  • Jam Mix (A lighter version without EQ and preamp sections.)

The suite is made up of two different GUIs to choose from:

  • Jam / Jam Mix: plugin versions based on a 3D ‘Acustica’s classic-style’ GUI.
  • Jam ‘Flat’ / Jam Mix ‘Flat’: plugin versions based on a 2D ‘modern-style’ GUI.

If you are an ‘analogue-lover’, you can work with Acustica’s classic style interface;
If you want to experience something never seen before here, choose the 2D modern interface (Jam flat / Jam Mix flat).

Each plug-in included in the Jam suite comes in a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL*” version, which operates at *zero latency and is thus suitable for use when tracking, at the cost of extra processing resources. For further details consult the Indigo user's manual in the Overview section.


Jam Mix GUI

Jam 'Flat' GUI


Jam Mix 'Flat' GUI


Key Features

Jam highlights functions such as

  • Four different plugins to choose from (‘Jam flat’, Jam, 'Jam Mix flat', Jam Mix).
  • Hyper2 technology.
  • Two different skins for Jam (3D GUI version or 2D 'Flat' version).
  • 14 different high quality sampled units.
  • 25 different emulations of classic and modern analog saturation families.
  • Hyper 2-band EQ plus HP-LP filters.
  • 14 different Hyper Preamplifier stages.
  • Advanced metering system for RMS and LUFS.
  • High quality oversampling, up to 16x; Eco oversampling, up to 64x, both with perfect phase response.
  • Listening modes (Δ, LR, M, S).
  • A Shape control to make the distortion more or less pronounced.
  • Mix Type modes (Clean / Disto) to define the Dry/Wet algorithm type.
  • Great and distinctive sound.
  • Resizable and responsive GUIs.
  • Over 80 Presets available.




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  • Aquarius will download, install, and authorize the trial product automatically.
  • Run your DAW. You're set!

For details about the installation/authorization process, please refer to this page.

Technical Specs

  • M1 Compatible
  • AAX Silicon Native.


All other trademarks and trade names mentioned on this page are used for identification purposes only and are properties of their respective owners. The product is at an introductory period for the first four weeks after release or until the first official version is released; this implies that the product may receive improvements, changes, or fixes available through Aquarius Desktop updates.



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