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ACQUA - Honey2

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HONEY2 is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in which emulates a well-known American mixing desk that first appeared on the market in 1975. Many world hits have been recorded and mixed with this prized console, and still to this day many producers and sound engineers swear by its musicality and logical layout. Thanks to Acustica proprietary VVKT technology, now you can enjoy the same analog vibe, the same ease-of-use, the same depth without having to give up the convenience of working in the box.


HONEY2 offers the same celebrated equalizer and filter section of that acclaimed American console. The equalizer section consists of 4 variable-frequency peaking bands, the first and last of which can be switched to a shelving response. The EQ cells are designed to have a variable Q, depending on boost or cut levels. In all honesty, it's really difficult to make anything passing through this EQ sound bad.


  • Create a user account (if you do not have one yet) on our website
  • Download and Install Aquarius, our products manager, for either Mac or PC
  • Log in to Aquarius using your user email and password
  • Type the product name in the 'search' field inside Aquarius to find the '(trial)' version of the product, then click on the thumbnail or on the 'Install' button. This will take you to the product page (the trial version of a product is also visible in the 'related products' section on the right)
  • Select the right plugin format according to the DAW you are using and click 'Install'
  • Aquarius will download, install,and authorise the trial product automatically
  • Run your DAW. You're set!


  • The old trial authorisation method - which required the 'LASTTRIALS' code - is now obsolete and each trial version of a product can be easily downloaded/installed directly from Aquarius, for a more streamlined process
  • Should you see an authorisation error, the reason could be that the product has been already authorised too many times and the limit has been reached

For details about installation/authorization please refer to this page


Honey is based on the new Core7 engine, a revolutionary multithreading technology by Acustica which allows optimizing the use of system resources. Core7 is based on a fractal approach to partitioned convolution; it maximizes the performance of Acqua plug-ins by splitting the processing load into several real-time concurrent threads. Core7 introduces as well a new “Zero Latency” operating mode.


Operating System Windows7 Windows10 OS X 10.8 OS X 10.10
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1) Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1)
RAM 4 Gb 16 GB to 128 GB 4 GB 16 GB to 128 GB
HDD/SDD 600 Mb 600 Mb 600 Mb 600 Mb
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2) 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2)
Audio Host VST2/AAX 32 bits VST2/AAX 64 bits VST2/AU/AAX 32 bits VST2/AU/AAX 64 bits

(1) Intel Xeon v3 or Intel i7 generation 4 or 6 or newer is recommended.
(2) 3840x2160 UHDTV is also supported.



ACQUA - Honey2

  • LIST PRICE: €102.00
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