ACQUA - Gainstation 2 VSM



Developed in collaboration with Studio DMI and super producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, 2Pac, Scarface, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Drake), Gainstation 2 VSM is the 21st Century plugin for creating  rich texture and adding depth in just a few simple moves.

The Ultimate Harmonic saturation fine-tuning plugin

Gainstation 2 VSM emulates a series of hardware units that were carefully selected and modded by Mike Dean himself to achieve his unique signature sound. Gainstation 2 VSM, as with its sibling Gainstation Boost, only features a few controls for a hyper-fast workflow to deliver immediate punch. Thanks to its versatile Texture circuit emulations, it is the perfect, winning choice to adjust the amount of harmonic content of your source, all in one, easy-to-use plugin!



Three Dimensional Distortion

Gainstation 2 VSM creates a complex but rich texture to add depth with just a few simple moves. The Texture circuit is the centerpiece of this plugin and can breathe life into the dullest of recordings, giving a global boost to the harmonic content and linear material. It includes three different Texture circuit emulations: Circuit emulation (O = Orange) for more saturation in the bass and low mids. Circuit emulation (B = Black) that accentuates saturation in the high mids and the highs. Plus a third mode (OB = Orange + Black) that serializes both circuits by merging the features of both of O & B into one.


For details about the installation/authorization process please refer to this page

Technical Specs

  • Core 17
  • Available sample rates: 44.1kHz | 48kHz | 88.2kHz | 96kHz



ACQUA - Gainstation 2 VSM

  • LIST PRICE: €65.00