ACQUA - Fire The Bus+

Processing audio has never been easier thanks to FIRE, the new series of single-knob plug-ins from Acustica. The aim of this series is to create an ‘easy-to-use’ product line that encompasses Acustica’s TOP QUALITY alongside a very intuitive use with just a few simple clicks! The FIRE series plugins will make your life easier and save you time!


  • Single-knob plug-ins with an easy to use and cool interface.
  • Four custom bus compressor modes available (BUS – BS7 – VIO - MAG).
  • High quality Oversampling, up to 4x with perfect phase response.
  • Dry-Wet control.
  • Combined Time (Attack-Release) control.
  • Output Level slider.
  • Threshold control.
  • Sidechain HPF control.
  • Part of the Fire series, high qualityplugins with a great and distinctive sound.
  • Low CPU consumption.
  • Low latency.
  • Resizable GUI

For further details and to keep up to date with the Fire Series, please visit this page:

Fire The Bus +

Fire The Bus+ is the brand new Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) in the Fire series giving a uniform sound to your entire mix or master, thanks to its ability to 'glue' all of your tracks together, creating a cohesive, overall timbre to your bus with just a few clicks and very subtle settings.

The choice of compressor model from the four available, each one based on our ‘Hyper’ compression tech, will greatly impact the tonality and timbre of your mix or master. The result you will get using this quick and easy to use plugin is a full sound, pleasantly round, controlled bass and with the presence of an adjustable HPF it will allow you to rule out any unwanted pumping. Try it even on single tracks, you won't regret it.

Fire The Bus+ is the perfect choice for those who seek a Bus compressor with musicality, ease of use, low CPU consumption and an analogue feel above all.

New Hyper engine

Our standard compressors run at 22kHz regardless of sample rate or oversampling; this implies that the reduction, attack, and release curves are not calculated for every sample but for every 'n' samples, where 'n' depends on the sample rate. For example, on fast transients, the input level is evaluated correctly; however, the reduction is calculated after 'n' samples, so the signal containing the transient is not compressed in time, and the transient "escapes" compression.

This new Hyper compression tech calculates the amount of compression and the attack and release curves at each sample, so compression is applied immediately and no longer after 'n' samples.
The speed of these new compressors can be further increased by oversampling while keeping the power consumption at 1/12th of our standard compressors.

For details consult the Fire The Bus + manual in the Overview section.


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  • Download and Install Aquarius, our products manager, for either macOS or Windows.
  • Log in to Aquarius using your user email and password.
  • Type the product name in the search field inside Aquarius to find the '(trial)' versions of the product, then click on the thumbnail or the 'Install' button. This will take you to the product pages (the trial versions of a product are also visible in the 'related products' section on the right)
  • Select the right plugin format according to the DAW you are using and click 'Install.'
  • Aquarius will download, install, and authorize the trial product automatically.
  • Run your DAW. You're set!

For details about the installation/authorization process, please refer to this page.

Technical Specs

  • Available sample rates: 44.1kHz | 48kHz | 88.2kHz | 96kHz

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ACQUA - Fire The Bus+

  • LIST PRICE: €69.00