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ACQUA - Coral

CORAL is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in designed first and foremost for use in mastering sessions. It allows a smooth and controlled action on any audio material and includes an equalizer, a compressor, an elliptical filter and a preamp stage.
While designing Coral we have given special consideration to creating an innovative product, something completely different from other software offerings currently on the market.
Our hardware emulation techniques have significantly evolved over time, but what makes us particularly proud of this creation is that we have also tried to go beyond simple hardware imitation (although the final result may easily deceive and sound like a real analog device).
Coral is an extremely transparent processor, thanks to the smooth, broad curves of its equalizer and the uniquely forgiving behavior of its dynamic section.
In particular, the compressor applies an ultrsasoft-clipping strategy, so to speak: the gain reduction applied to large dynamic areas is gentle and gradual, in order to preserve the transients from being cut off. The result is a lively sound which preserves all the original transients and micro-dynamic detail, yet is tightly controlled as far as macro-dynamics and general level.
We have also added an elliptical filter, which controls the stereo spread of selectable frequency ranges, a kind of processing which is often called upon in vinyl mastering sessions.


This bundle helps unleash the incredible potential of this product, since the use of single modules instead of the entire channel strip allows a significant decrease of the CPU load in many mixing situations.

CORAL REEF consisting of:





  • Create a user account (if you do not have one yet) on our website
  • Download and Install Aquarius, our products manager, for either Mac or PC
  • Log in to Aquarius using your user email and password
  • Type the product name in the 'search' field inside Aquarius to find the '(trial)' version of the product, then click on the thumbnail or on the 'Install' button. This will take you to the product page (the trial version of a product is also visible in the 'related products' section on the right)
  • Select the right plugin format according to the DAW you are using and click 'Install'
  • Aquarius will download, install,and authorise the trial product automatically
  • Run your DAW. You're set!


  • The old trial authorisation method - which required the 'LASTTRIALS' code - is now obsolete and each trial version of a product can be easily downloaded/installed directly from Aquarius, for a more streamlined process
  • Should you see an authorisation error, the reason could be that the product has been already authorised too many times and the limit has been reached

For details about installation/authorization please refer to this page


  • Variable speeds on vector nodes improving the sound quality of the compressors and allowing to reach very fast speeds and precision.
  • Envelope followers based on control sources.
  • Queue messages used for several widgets like knobs improving the behaviour, control, and stability of plug-ins.
  • Hiddend components fault-tolerant inside nebula/acqua engine to minimized crash/bugs.
  • New wrapper to get better balanced AAX format
  • Several minor fixes and improvements (about trimming, sample rate conversion, distribution of sample rate packs, fixes on loaded program rate).
  • This engine is linked to Nat4 to allows the full automatic compressor sampling.
  • Switchmode optimization reducing CPU loading
  • Lazy loading pattern introduced to improve the loading of the objects


Operating System Windows7 Windows10 OS X 10.8 OS X 10.11
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1) Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1)
RAM 4 Gb 16 GB to 128 GB 4 GB 16 GB to 128 GB
HDD/SDD 1600 Mb 1600 Mb 1600 Mb 1600 Mb
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2) 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2)
Audio Host VST2/AAX 32 bits VST2/AAX 64 bits VST2/AU/AAX 32 bits VST2/AU/AAX 64 bits

(1) Intel Xeon v3 or Intel i7 generation 4 or 6 or newer is recommended.
(2) 3840x2160 UHDTV is also supported.



ACQUA - Coral

  • LIST PRICE: €199.00
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