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DiBiQuadro - Copper2 is a vintage classic graphic EQ plug-in based on Acustica Audio technology. It provides colored, dense, gluing textures to your mixes. It captures all the nuances of a highly appreciated octave graphic EQ and represents, among many applications, the ideal choice for electric guitars.
Each band and preamp has been sampled without any converter / “calibration bias” phase distortion. This allows to overlap the effect of more bands without adding unwanted coloration, reaching a new level of match with hardware for unparalleled results, even compared to hardware itself. This methodology is named SP Tech.



“Q” range


EQ full range [dB] (continuous)

±10 with 81 steps (0.25dB circa)

Low-Frequency Sliders [Hz]

50, 100, 200,

Mid Frequency Sliders [Hz]

400, 800, 1.6K

High-Frequency Sliders [Hz]

3.15K, 6.3K, 12.5K


Fixed  Butterworth high passes filter can be activated to tame low end below 30Hz (not present in the original hardware unit).

Preamplifier (switch selectable)

10 harmonics

In Trim range [dB] 


Out range [dB] 


Sample rates

Copper2 is designed to provide the same sound quality at each of the following sample rates: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz.

SP Tech




Mandatory requirements

In order to use products from the official 3rd party developers:

- It is mandatory first to install either N4 Player or N4. Only after this step, it is possible to proceed with the installation of 3rd party products.
- Please don't install both versions of N4 - use only one of them to guarantee the proper functioning of the products!
- Please make sure that you use the latest available version of N4 or N4 Player.
- N4 FREE and N4 Player cannot coexist.

Use our new application Aquarius (see the User Guide in Aquarius page) to complete the procedure of installation and authorization;  3rd party developers' products are only available on Aquarius.

Contact info

 Mail the developer at [email protected]

NEBULA - Copper2

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