Subscriptions Terms and Conditions

Acustica Audio may offer subscriptions for certain products or bundles with plans of 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it before the next subscription renewal term. You will automatically be charged the subscription price before the start of each subscription term (i.e., every month in the case of monthly subscriptions or each year in the case of annual subscriptions). You may cancel the subscription at any time through your Acustica Audio account.
Upon cancellation of your subscription, you will no longer be charged for additional subscription terms, and you may continue to use the product(s) for the remaining subscription term for which you were charged. For the avoidance of doubt, subscriptions are not refundable or transferable. If you allow your subscription to lapse by failing to pay, your product(s) will no longer run. Subscription pricing is subject to change. New pricing takes effect upon renewal of your subscription. Acustica Audio reserves the right to change bundle content.
Acustica Audio uses PayPal as third party payment gateway provider to process all payments through its website. You agree to provide complete and accurate payment information and further agree to any terms and conditions of such third party payment provider. In the case of refusal of payment, your access to the subscription plan will be denied.


Products installation and authorization

The product(s) included in your subscription plan(s) will appear directly on the 'purchase' page of the Aquarius desktop, from which they can be installed. Each product included in your subscription plan has a 30-day authorization, and it's automatically renewed when you open the Aquarius desktop. Automatic renewal requires an available internet connection for the Aquarius desktop. You can check the expiration date of the authorization of each product installed and included in your subscription plan(s) on the 'subscriptions' page of the Aquarius desktop.