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January 17, 2020

Taupe M4 now available.

The Modula revolution has just begun.

A FREE tape mixing console? Glad you asked.

Taupe M4 is now available on Aquarius as a FREE download if you have purchased both Taupe Aqua plugin and Modula.

Plus, with Modula, Taupe M4 can be easily integrated into your workflow giving you the look, feel and sound of 21 analog and digital tape machines, 3 consoles, and 2 compressors all in a single place, giving you true analog flavor for days.

Want true, selectable tape sound for each individual track in your session? You got it.

Want authentic analog signal workflow and mojo for all the tracks in your projects? You got it.

Want true analog summing in the box? You got it.

Want the sexy look of a truly modular console in your studio? You got it.

Want all of this without having to change your DAW? No problem.

With Modula, you can drag and drop channel strips around with ease, organize your tracks, interact with your mix without worrying about scrolling through dozens of tracks and windows.

Speed up your workflow and rediscover the joys of analog-style mixing without ever leaving the DAW you already own, be that Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase and more on both Mac and PC.

Modula perfectly integrates with your current setup!


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