October 3, 2019

'Every Acustica plugin is solid and exciting. The maximum quality is guaranteed '

Italian veteran sound engineer Marco Lecci (Mia Martini, Sergio Cammariere, Mike Francis, Giorgia, Gianna Nannini, Marco Mengoni & many others) shares his vision.

Marco, thank you for being with us today. Your experience spans over 40 years, tell us what started it all for you!

Hi guys, it’s a great pleasure for me to talk about my audio experience with you, I started as an audio “pro” in 1975. I was working as a FOH sound engineer for an Italian band called “Bottega dell’Arte”. In the same period, I would work at RCA studios in Rome, where the resident engineer wouldn't allow me to touch the equipment. I could only watch what they did. I learned to make sounds watching pros at work.

So you've been working with analog for decades. What brought you towards the in-the-box approach?

In the early 80’s I opened my first studio and I started working in the Record Business. I was full of passion, in that era, I felt everything was magical! Around the late ’90s, the first computers appeared in my studio: I understood something great was happening.

You are also an in-demand lecturer. Which is the most asked question by your students?

Cool question!.... all young guys have the wrong idea that with a cheap DAW it is possible to become a pro, so they ask me tips, or how to do very complicated audio routings to obtain a specific sound that is actually possible to make in a very simple way. Young students want to obtain great results without knowing the DNA of music production. So I suggest they listen to the essential records to get that basic culture that's needed to become a real pro.


What advice do you have for mixers out there who are still looking to find their identity?

First: don't start mixing from the equipment but think about the best way to highlight the meaning of the song and give energy and style to the music you are working on!

Second: mixing 'in-the-box' means that you have to know very well whats happen in the digital domain: the plugins aren't all the same, so we must know what they really do and train our ears to feel the difference.

Which Acustica plugins normally do you regularly use?

Acustica represents a deep revolution in the plugin world. Every plugin sounds super close to the best analog equipment. Every mix is a new challenge, so I choose Acustica plugins in relation to the sound I want to obtain. Anyway, every Acustica plugin is solid and exciting. The maximum quality is guaranteed!

Do you use any processing on the master bus?

Generally, with Ceil and El Rey, I can do everything I have in mind.

Do you use any genre-specific mixing techniques?

A good mix is the sum of many different things… first, I try to give at my tracks proper sound and dynamics. I listen out for humming and sibilance. I always check my sound on many different systems. You know, making sounds is a question of culture first!


Visit Marco Lecci's website here.


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