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February 24, 2020

Jade is here.

Introducing Dynamic Routing™ technology.


40k magic in the 'air'.

Jade is capable of delivering a warm and smooth sound that retains a remarkable naturalness, while also providing absolute transparency and top-end sheen.

It comprises 5 different hardware units merged into 3 different EQ emulations, 2 dynamics processors, and a complete preamplifier section that lets you choose among 5 different flavors.

Jade is the first plug-in of our Aqua series to feature our brand new Dynamic Routing™ technology, which optimizes the internal routing capabilities of a channel-strip in a much more streamlined way than ever before.  

Plus, along with the standard Deep Learning version of Jade's channel strip, we have included an additional AL (Adaptive Latency) version of it. Ok, but what is it?

'Adaptive Latency' technology can reduce plugin latency and resource consumption depending on the number of sections used.

I.e if you use only the Jade channel-strip equalization module bypassing the compressor section, you will experience a lower latency. Thanks to this approach, you can optimize the use of your resources without sacrificing the distinctive quality of Acustica products.

We decided to release this as a separate entity so you can be sure it works properly with your system (as some DAWS might not respond properly).

Learn more about our latest CORE 15 technology.

Grab Jade at a special deal price until March 24, 2020 (11:59 pm GMT+1) and save 55%!

Learn more about Jade.

Watch it in action.

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Jade - Standalone EQ Module
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