Fire Series

Processing audio has never been easier thanks to FIRE, the New series of single-knob plug-ins from Acustica. The aim of this series is to create an ‘easy-to-use’ product line that encompasses Acustica’s TOP QUALITY alongside a very intuitive use with just a few simple clicks! The FIRE series plugins will make your life easier and save your time!



• Single-knob plug-ins with an easy to use and cool interface
• Four modes available
• Low latency
• Low CPU usage
• Top quality series with a great and distinctive sound
• The best audio processors built with the best components on the market and digitized to give you a top quality product with a great and distinctive sound.

Discover the Series

Fire Filters

Fire Filters is the first Acqua plugin suite of the Fire series dedicated to HP & LP filters consisting of:

  • Fire The HP
  • Fire The LP

Take a look at the Fire Filters web-page for more info.

Fire The Clip

Fire The Clip is the second Acqua plugin suite of the Fire series release with the aim of creating one of the best and most complete ‘easy to use’ digital 'ultra linear' clipper. Thanks to its own intrinsic and very promising features, you can achieve a competitive loudness level without introducing artefacts and distortion such as inter-sample peaks. Fire The Clip was created to overcome the shortcomings of other true peak clippers.

Take a look at the Fire The Clip web-page for more info.

Fire The Tilt

Fire The Tilt is the third Acqua plugin suite of the Fire series release able to enhance your mix in the quickest way.

Tilting is often all it takes to turn your track around with a few simple interventions. Sometimes you need to improve your tracks by making them sit better in a mix; maybe you want to make it almost instantly more 'vibrant' and 'warm' or, on the contrary, 'cold' and 'less intrusive'...or maybe you may find that your final mix while being basically well balanced as such, needs only just a bit more highs and fewer lows...

These are all cases in which the best and quickest way to enhance your mix is a good TILT EQ, and even more so if different shapes and frequencies are available.

Take a look at the Fire The Tilt web-page for more info.

Fire The Pan

FIRE The TILT is the fourth in the Fire series of Acqua plugins, a collection of simple, easy-to-use tools specifically designed to quickly enhance your mixes. Its graphical user interface is laid out in the most straightforward, user-friendly manner.

The panner is certainly one of the most straightforward and immediate effects in the wide range of audio processing tools, capable of acting subtly or drastically when required. Despite its limited number of controls, it has a preponderant effect on the balance of the channels (left and right), indirectly modifying not only the spatiality, but also the spectrum of monophonic content, i.e. the main and immediate sound information perceived by the user, at the centre of our listening. With advances in audio, numerous tools are now available on the market that explore the concept of panning, starting with traditional 2D panning, and extending the balancing concept to spatialisation, allowing the perception of sound source positioning in the surround field to be altered to produce increasingly realistic 3D sound effects extending this paradigm to the extent of ‘3D Audio panning’ (object-based audio, and Ambisonics audio).

Take a look at the Fire The Pan web-page for more info.


Acustica and the team at Improve your Mix, the number one Pro Audio portal in Italy, have joined forces with one of the best Italian mixing engineers Salvatore Addeo and one of Italy's greatest producers, Don Joe (Club Dogo, Marracash, Måneskin, Max Pezzali, Irene Lamedica, Sottotono, Dargen D'Amico, Jake La Furia, Gué Pequeno, Montenero, Clara Moroni, Emis Killa and many others) giving birth to Sounda.

Sounda is the first  'Artist' plug-in (VST/AU/AAX) in the Fire series, a powerful plug-in for the contemporary mixing engineer and producer that encapsulates the 20 years' experience of Multi Platinum Winning Engineer Salvatore Addeo and the 30 years' experience of one of Italy's greatest producers Don Joe in a few simple controls.

Take a look at the Sounda web-page for more info.

Fire The Bus+

Fire The Bus+ is the brand new Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) in the Fire series giving a uniform sound to your entire mix or master, thanks to its ability to 'glue' all of your tracks together, creating a cohesive, overall timbre to your bus with just a few clicks and very subtle settings.

The choice of compressor model from the four available, each one based on our ‘Hyper’ compression tech, will greatly impact the tonality and timbre of your mix or master. The result you will get using this quick and easy to use plugin is a full sound, pleasantly round, controlled bass and with the presence of an adjustable HPF it will allow you to rule out any unwanted pumping. Try it even on single tracks, you won't regret it.

Take a look at the Fire The Bus+ web-page for more info.

Fire The Exp

Fire The Exp is the new Acqua (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) plugin in the Fire series that represents without any doubt one of the easiest compander plugins on the market, giving you a unique compression character that provides smooth and warm dynamics processing for tracking, mixing and mastering purposes.

Choosing 'custom' modes from the 21 available, each based on our 'Hyper' compression technology, will have a great impact on your mix or master. In addition to the compander functionality, you can also benefit from another three different processes, thanks to the Morph control, resulting in a powerful 'All-in-one' plugin for the greatest possible flexibility.

Take a look at the Fire The Exp web-page for more info.