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IRIS™ Project is now real

The next frontier in plugin technology.

Core14 AI introduces 4 significant updates:

- AI Deep learning (IRIS)


- AI allows you to replicate the actions of a mixing and mastering engineer and predict the settings he/she would make on the audio input of the plugin, imitating his/her style.
- New Nebula Universal Wrapper v2 (NUW)
- Inference engine based on Tensorflow models, arranged in smart presets
- JUCE framework upgraded to version 4.3.1
- Backward compatibility with NUW v1
- VST3 SDK upgraded to version 3.6.7
- AAX SDK upgraded to version 2.3.2
- Native side-chain support for AAX, VST3 and AU
- Completely new, overhauled input/output, bus/channel management
- Support for VST3 64 bit processing
- Improved AU channel handling


- Fixed FL Studio VST3 issues
- Fixed Cubase and Nuendo macOS VST3 crash with plug-in A/B button
- Fixed double engine instantiation
- New metering engine (EVFb)
- VU with various filter types (IEC A, B, C, D, Z, BS.1770) and various standards (DIN, Nordic, North American, EBU, Standard)
- EBU R128 (short-term, momentary and integral) - RMS (EBU, K20, K14, K12)
- Core optimisations


- Better internal ruoting (blender engine that can work in various positions of the DSP chain of each internal instance)
- Direct access mode of the follower envelopes, better synchronization between the various elements)

- PPM (peak, true peak with oversampling)


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