September 3, 2019

What's on your mix bus? Jack Ruston is all about Acustica.

This month, Nick Mitchell of KMR Pro Audio asked a group of producers, engineers, and mixers to reveal their current mix bus processing. Jack Ruston (Judas Priest, Walking On Card, Birdy) is all about Acustica Audio


My mix bus is predominantly Acustica Audio stuff...

I generally view hardware and software as providing something distinct from one another, but with the Acustica software, I find I can achieve a sonic result that I would normally associate with hardware. My mix bus chain starts with EQ. Which one depends on the source material, but it's typically going to be either Pink, the API, always in the 550 mode, or Magenta, the Massive Passive. I will normally be looking for some lows and highs in those, and then a high mid-lift.

That high mid will sometimes come from White2, a custom Pultec Clone developed by White Mastering.

There will then be a compressor, which at the moment is usually El Ray, the RCA compressor Acustica developed with Greg Wells - slowest attack, fastest release [...]


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