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Acustica Audio kündigt Delay-Plugins Lemon an

21. November 2017

by Über Carl

Acustica Audio hat die neue Delay-Suite Lemon Dream Delay angekündigt, bestehend aus den drei Plugins Lemon Multi-Tap, Lemon Stereo und Lemon Lite.
Das Mixdown-Tool ist weniger für extreme Modulationen oder Pitch-Shiftings geeignet, vielmehr will es durch einen organischen Klang überzeugen.

Der Delay-Prozessor von Lemon Multi-Tap setzt sich aus fünf Delay-Modulen und einem Main-Modul zusammen, mit denen sich beispielsweise analoge Hardware-Delays wie Tape-Echos erzeugen lassen. Dazu gibt es ein Feedback Filter und ein Main Filter mit bis zu vierstufiger Flankensteilheit nebst Hoch- und Tiefpassfilter.

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Acustica Audio Sand

Published February 2017

By Sam Inglis

Acustica’s latest plug-in promises new heights of realism in SSL-style EQ and compression.

Most software emulations of analogue devices are created using so-called ‘modelling’ techniques, which attempt to simulate the behaviour of individual components or circuit blocks. However, Acustica Audio have long championed an alternative approach called dynamic convolution. Somewhat analogous to multisampling, this involves sending a series of impulses or sine sweeps through the gear being ‘sampled’, at different settings and signal levels, and then convolving the resulting library impulse responses with input audio to recreate those settings.

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Acustica Audio White

Published July 2016

By Sam Inglis

Acustica Audio’s new Acqua series of plug-ins are painstakingly ‘sampled’ from high-end hardware. Does the end justify the means?

When software developers aim to capture the sound of studio hardware in plug-in format, they’ll usually employ some sort of algorithmic modelling technique to do so. In theory, this has quite a few advantages. Modelling plug-ins typically require relatively little memory or drive space; it’s often possible to optimise the code so that they run very efficiently; and it’s possible to add additional features that aren’t available on the original. But do they fully capture what’s special about the sound of the hardware?

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Acustica Audio Diamond Color-EQ

Published July 2017

By Sam Inglis

The first plug-in from Acustica’s new Diamond range recreates the master bus EQ of a master!

Acustica Audio have pioneered the use of dynamic convolution to recreate hardware in software. In its early incarnations, this technology had the reputation of being complex and difficult to use, but the company’s ever-growing range of Acqua plug-ins shows that it is possible to present dynamic convolution in a user-friendly fashion. As a result, the Acqua range has won numerous fans in professional mixing circles. Among them is Italian engineer Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI, one of the world’s leading specialists in mixing EDM and other electronic music; and the first product in Acustica’s new Diamond range is a plug-in that recreates Pretolesi’s own mix-bus EQ chain.

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Acustica Audio Acqua White EQ review

May 04, 2016

by Computer Music

Acustica Audio is best known for its powerful convolution-based hardware emulation system, Nebula, but over the last couple of years its Acqua line of plugins has also garnered considerable praise.

These are individual plugins using the Nebula engine and swapping out the generic Nebula interface for bespoke hardware-inspired graphics.

The latest addition to the Acqua series, White EQ (VST/AU/AAX) is Acustica's first fully endorsed plugin, emulating the Pultec-style WSM PEQ-2.0 passive EQ at White Sound Mastering in Florence.

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Acustica Audio Lime Crazy88 review

May 05, 2017

by Computer Music

Like that of its stablemate, Lime’s chunky, photorealistic fascia is a beautiful thing to behold. The left-hand side houses a four-band EQ, the central panel is home to the Control, Preamp and Filter sections, and a Compressor occupies the right. This layout doesn’t represent the actual signal flow, however, which is user-adjustable.

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