November 4, 2019

3rd-party Nebula libraries: useful compatibility information.

How to get the most out of your N4 libraries.

It has been reported that some third-party libraries have issues with some of the latest versions of N4.

This happens because the library in question has been tested on a particular version of N4 and not on later releases.

This is a frequent scenario in the software world: for instance, if Apple upgrades the operating system to Catalina, some of the software may not work and may need to be adapted. In this case, Apple is not to blame, but changes may be necessary to take advantage of all the features offered by the new operating system.

That's why, for each library, you have to ask the developer which version of Nebula they have used to test and guarantee the functionality of the product.

We will try to collect this information with their help and update our product pages accordingly. We will then automatically close all tickets relating to specific problems of a library if not executed with the Nebula version officially suggested by the developer.

For the time being, the version of N4 which seems to be the most compatible across the range of 3rd-party developed libraries is the 'N000' release. You can easily install this version using Aquarius.


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