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Acustica for education

Acustica Audio offers an educational discount on software products of 20% OFF the retail price (MSRP) to all current students enrolled in audio engineering courses, telecommunication engineering degrees or related music production studies. Learn more here.

If you are currently enrolled in audio engineering courses at one of our official educational partners, contact your institution to know more about how to request a special discount:

Icon Collective

Los Angeles USA / Online https://iconcollective.com


Montréal - Canada https://uqam.ca/


Milano - Brescia - Berlin & more https://clockbeats.com/


San Francisco (US) - Online www.pyramind.com

Experience M.A.

Padova - Italy www.experienceacademy.it

Mat Academy

Online - Italy/UK/ES www.mat-academy.com


Milano - Italy www.4cmp.it

School Training

Málaga - Spain www.schooltraining.es

Conservatorio Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa

Potenza - Italy http://www.conservatoriopotenza.it/
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