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February 3, 2020

A Ruby is forever!

Tube magic for your mix, signed by D.W Fearn. Get 66% OFF our acclaimed VT-5 boutique mixing and mastering equalizer.


Tube love gets the perfect deal!

Ruby is an official endorsement and a faithful representation of the D.W. Fearn highly sought-after vacuum tube equalizer VT-5. The original hardware equalizer uses passive LC circuitry with class-A triode vacuum tube stages for the input and output. The input transformer is made by Jensen. The output stage utilizes the same custom Jensen transformer used on the VT-1/VT-2 mic preamps.

For a limited time* you can add Ruby to your setup at the no-brainer pricing of just €79 (reg. €235) saving over €155!

Get Ruby today!

*The promo is valid from February 3 through February 21, 2020, 11:59 pm (GMT+1). Please note that Acustica Audio reserves the right to change, modify or terminate any promo at any time and without prior notice.


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