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Pioneers of audio research

Acustica Audio is a leading company specialized in analog hardware virtualization and more.

Nonlinear convolution, dynamic Volterra series and time-varying models are just some of the state-of-the-art features the Core Acqua Engine offers. The Core Acqua Engine comes complete with all of its internal tools, and also includes the N.A.T sampling system, a stand-alone application shipped with most of Acustica Audio’s products using different configurations. Support is provided directly from the R&D Team that continuously develops the engine. Workshops and project-specific learning sessions can be organized for your team.
The Core Acqua Engine is available with a diverse stand-alone library, ready for inclusion in 3rd party products. An advanced version of the NAT sampling system is available for development and research purposes. We only provide information about its cost once we have approved your application as a potential licensee and have obtained the necessary documentation from you.

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