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Acqua Plugins Series Acqua Plugins Series

Our plugins are the culmination of years of research, testing, and development of advanced technical processes that are exclusive to the Acustica Audio team.

Trinity Eq













Unique Quality

The impeccable reproduction quality of the resulting samples is nearly indistinguishable from the originals. The following techniques are merged into a single model.


Advanced Techniques

The Acqua Engine introduces further optimizations and improvements on the basic design and architecture. Our attention is constantly being directed towards unexplored subjects, maintaining our vision for providing the ultimate sampling-based processing approach. To get the most out of modern multi-core processor architectures, CPU intensive sub-systems of the Acustica Audio Acqua Engine Core have been rewritten in order to support multi-threading.





Effect devices can be succesfully sampled without further editing or adjustment, and then immediately processed and reproduced via the same engine, where the sampled data is stored and available for recall, loading, saving, and advanced editing when desired.



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From clear and transparent to richly colored and “characterful”, Acqua Technology makes it possible to have some of the most classic and sought after preamps in your digital audio. Transform your crystal clear but possibly sterile-sounding tracks into a more “organic” analog-sounding warmth, without ever needing to route your audio out of the computer! And  Acqua “preamps” are not only Microphone or line preamp emulations, this also includes samplings of complete signal-chains of many different amazing hardware pieces, making it simple to impart the “sonic signature” of any hardware into your project.


Acqua EQ's can be sweet and simple or radical and seriously tone-shaping. Because of the complex process of sampling that Acqua Technology uses in creating the hardware emulations, Acqua EQ's often sound so much like hardware that it fools engineers that are intimately familiar with the hardware.  They are not merely EQ curves matched from a hardware EQ, but the entire signal path is sampled, bringing you the hardware's harmonic distortion as well. Pristine airy highs, girthy lows that you can feel, and everything in between, anything is possible with Acqua EQ presets.


Tape saturation and tape compression is often considered a Holy Grail for the digital audio world. Many “algo” plugins get very close to the coveted sound and “feel”,  but no tape emulation sounds as true and as deceptively sweet as the vast array of Acqua tape presets. From Acustica Audio and the many 3rd party developers, you can choose from a staggering selection that spans from legacy to cutting-edge of different tape machines, tape speeds, and even have options of what type of tape is being used. The possibilities are infinite and inspiring for your audio.

Nebula has always had compressor presets and 3rd party libraries. It is the one utility that for a long time was considered “not Nebula's forte”..... We are in a new and explosive era for Nebula compression everybody! There have been many incredible advancements from the geniuses of Acustica Audio, and one of the results is compressor presets that are fast, furious, accurate, and so real-sounding that it's scary.

Reverbs have always been a traditional strong-point for Nebula, and one listen to any reverb preset will tell you why. Reverb can even make or break a recording, depending if the reverb is “3D”, lush, and full of tone, or flat, plastic, and lifeless. Nebula was used for reverb in the early stages of development because it was quickly evident that the reverb emulations were so intense and realistic, better than any “algo” plugin had ever sounded. As Acqua technology has matured, the reverbs have gotten even better and more numerous- there are now many more plates, springs, rooms, ambiences, even a few odd-ball situation presets (like in a toilet, behind and amp, etc) to choose from. Practically any “environment” or space can be virtually imparted to your projects with shocking realism.

This category includes the likes of delay, chorus, tremolo, leslie speakers, flangers,  and phasers. Admittedly, this is probably the category of presets that has the least number of presets and 3rd party libraries at this time. But considering the immense number of libraries that exist these days for the Nebula platform, the “smaller” collection of time variant fx is still very impressive and massive. And because of the recent improvements made to the Acqua “engine”, more realistic and versatile time variant fx are so much more possible. It seems like an exciting and juicy time variant library of some kind is released every couple of weeks, and they are truly stunning!

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