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Scarlet3 Mhe 400

SCARLET3 emulates a celebrated mastering device that is considered the first fully parametric equalizer ever appeared on the audio market.
The original hardware is surrounded by a kind of mystical aura: only a few dozen units have ever been made in the course of 4 decades, each of them hand-assembled by the designer himself.
SCARLET3 is a faithful digital emulation of this iconic processor. With its precise yet warm sound and its respectful handling of every phase relationship in your music program, SCARLET3 will prove to be an invaluable tool that will never disappoint you whenever a delicate, precise yet musical action is required in your most critical mastering sessions.

Scarlet3 MHE-400

Scarlet3 is based on one of the most revered - and expensive - mastering equalizers ever built.

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