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Stone Age Collection

The perfect collection for all those who are taking their first steps in the revolutionary world of Acustica Audio Plugins

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Stone age pack %28hdr%29 dx

Renaissance Collection

The perfect blend of mojo, precision control and full-blown character.

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Renaissance pack %28hdr%29 sx

Space Age Collection

From mixing to mastering, with sparkling creativity

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Space age pack %28hdr%29 dx

Creative Pack

An essential collection of creative FX

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Creative pack %28hdr%29 sx

Tube Pack

Satisfy your lust for tube warmth

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Tube pack %28hdr%29 dx

Classic Pack

The history of modern recording, in an essential plugin collection.

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Classic pack %28hdr%29 sx

Dante’s Dream

A journey into sound

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Dante's dream pack %28hdr%29 dx

Mixing Collection

The most powerful mixing suite for true in-the-box analog tone.

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Mixing pack %28hdr%29 sx

Mastering Collection

Your high-end dreamware mastering studio

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Mastering pack %28hdr%29 dx

Ultimate Dreamware Studio Collection

A million-dollar analog studio on your desktop

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Ultimate dreamer pack %28hdr%29 sx
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