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Featured deal: Gold 3

Turn your mix into pure gold with the ultimate plug-in suite for recreating that legendary '70s British sound in the box.

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Featured deal: Taupe

Taupe gives you access to the sound of over 20 tape machines, 3 consoles, and 2 compressors. All in one place.

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Featured deal: Ivory

Ivory includes 2 equalizers, 2 compressors, and 2 dynamic EQ's, to give you a complete set of mastering-grade tools.

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 Lime 2 for Modula

 Add another great console to your collection. Download it for free if you already own both M4 and the Lime 2 acqua plugin.

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Love is in the 'air'

 Jade gives you that silky, airy top-end that makes any mix shine, plus a glorious compressor/limiter section.

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Free plugins

 Looking to take your studio to a completely new level? Start with these and enjoy real analog sound in the box.

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We believe in education

 Are you an institution? Join our ever-growing network of educational partners from all around the world!

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Loved by the pros

 'El Rey has the character, warmth, and glue I’ve only experienced with hardware. Stunning!'. David Kalmusky

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