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Pensado EQ


The definitive mixing equaliser for the contemporary producer.


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The 'Pensado EQ' is the first plug-in ever created carrying the signature of mixing legend Dave Pensado, who is not only one of the biggest names in the music industry but also co-hosts the most successful weekly show focusing on everything audio and music production, 'Pensado's Place'.



It is the result of a scrupulous - almost obsessive - analysis of all those fine details that characterise Dave's unique workflow and approach to mixing. It sports four strategically selected frequency bands, LP/HP filters and two selectable preamplifiers for extended analogue flavour.Each frequency band emulates different hardware machines that Dave has used over the years and have contributed to crafting his sonic trademark. It took months of hard work, but we finally managed to condense Dave's long-established experience into a single processor. Learn more.


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Pensado EQ


Give punch to your kicks, body to your instruments and sheen to your vocals  with Dave's first-ever signature plug-in.

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