Nebula in 96 kHz or 44 100 ... What were the results?

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Nebula in 96 kHz or 44 100 ... What were the results?

Postby Mimi » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:37 pm

I'm really curious to know, opinions and experiences, who mixes and records to 96khz,and also at 44.100 ...
In 88.200 would be good? Would have fewer errors, and artifacts?
In 48khz know there are problems with the digital dither ...
I wonder which the experience of the nebula with an i7 for example ... many nebula run on this machine in 96khz?
And the mathematics of division by 2 for final processing in cd?
32 bit / 88.200, or 24bits/88.200, for conversion is easier to process For a baunce?
I heard that this dither frequency is lower, someone had this experience?
consider nebula, like the movie james camerom, avatar ...but unlike the movie, Nebula, not waited for the technology advance, to be useful ...
I wonder, when the pc, becomes, to 128bits, and with 40 core 3.0ghz...equalized with five bands, compressors complete ... A utopia next ...
I am inclined to mix a large sampling rate, Thanks to feedback from users of the family nebula ....
And it would be good to divide all experiences ... To supplement, who records and mixes in 96khz, take a hint on a PC that hold this job ... and run, many nebulas, in windows764bits or windowsxp 32bit and others ...
A topic for everyone with great respect and sympathy for learning ...
Thank you very much . :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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