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solo piano + electronic production

Postby kirlian » Tue May 17, 2016 6:13 am

this track uses a bunch of acustica plugs. It's the first track I've mixed in this room (square basement room with no treatment). I ended up flipping my yamaha monitors upside down in order to hear the music better.

I used pink, amethyst, navy, amber, titanium, scarlet, and purple. I don't mind any critiques, but the mix is done. if i open the session again, someone is getting shot. :o seriously though, I know there are some great ears here. If someone hears some significant problems in this mix and wants to help me out, I'm all ears.

the piano player is a great friend and collaborator living in tokyo. I made all the other sounds/music and mixed the track. he already has someone to master it, or I would probably get someone from here.

after I got all the issues sorted out trying to use mostly acustica plugs on a full mix, I couldn't be happier. thanks, acustica!

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