Metal: Mixed with some Acustica Audio Plugs...

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Metal: Mixed with some Acustica Audio Plugs...

Postby flipnaut » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:34 pm

https://www.dropbox.com/s/s31zakrzjxrsi ... x.mp3?dl=0

Bass: Silk
Master: Honey & Titanium
Guitars: Magenta, Red EQ
Overheads: Blue EQ + Nebula CLG Comp
BD: Solaire Preamp and 512 Preamp

Other Plugins: TDR Kotelnikov, MJUC, Fabfilter Pro EQ2, Elephant

Studio One on Intel i7 4790k.
Selection: Pearl 2 (!), Lime (!), Titanium 2 (!), Pink2412, Amethyst2, Navy, Honey (!), Scarlet3, Magenta3, Blue (!). HW: AML EZ1073, CAPI VP 28, C******r Germanium C, C******r Tone Control, Stam Audio SA-2A, RND 542 Tape Sim.
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