Hardcore punk mixed with a AlexB S*L console

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Hardcore punk mixed with a AlexB S*L console

Postby buattipaso » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:16 pm

Hey guys, I'm here to introduce you my last production here in my studio: the new album of the italian hardcore band Linterno.
The genre is a classic for me: melodic hardcore punk, but this is my first recording with my new "toys": AlexB Libraries, Acustica-Audio Nebula and Tk Audio gear. And the improvements are awesome.
The recording process was quite simple: the drums was a Drum Sound (with a little touch of Drumagog…) Mesa Boogie Rectifier for guitars and Ampeg Svt Classic (drived with a Sansamp Para Driver) for bass. And for vocals… a great singer!
The mics choce was a classic setup too: Akg d112 on kick, 57 on batter snare and At 4050 on bottom.57 on toms, Akg 451 on overheads and a couple of N*****n Tlm 103 for ambient mics. On the bass I've used my wonderful Sansamp Para driver as Di and the Akg112on the speaker of my 4x10 ampeg cab, while for guitars I've used only 57 mics: the original american sound! 57 thru TkAudio preamps are the perfect combination for a classic hardrock guitar sound (the 1073 sound).
for vocals I've used the Peluso 47.
The mix was done digital (with a touch of analog compression here and there: Distressor on kick and snare, 1176 on Bass and drum bus and M****y elop on guitar bus) using the awesome Classic Logic Console library from AlexB. This emulation is perfect for rock music and makes really a big difference.
The mastering process was an analog/digital combination: on the digital side I've used the German Cosole and the Black Mastering eq always from AlexB, while on the analog side I enjoyed the TkAudio Bc1, that is a S*L style bus compressor.
That's all, enjoy Linterno!!!

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