Easy piano/viola/flute/vocal extensive Nebula alexB/CDSoundm

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Easy piano/viola/flute/vocal extensive Nebula alexB/CDSoundm

Postby Len511 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:38 pm

I use mainly blue and logic consoles, but also british, alexb preamp,r2r, tape booster, tubes, pretty much randomly(different presets).I also use the logic eq and 73 eq occasionally.The vocals are Telefunken M16,A*I preamp and compressor.All instruments are in-the-box, ivory piano,halion viola, free flute I made a sound font of. Sonivox bass and pizzicato. All the other plugins are S****x oxford,(reverb,compression,limiters etc.)I nebulize each instrument, sometimes several times, and then again at the mastering level.

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