stereo pre-amps/OSX/CPU

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stereo pre-amps/OSX/CPU

Postby Eliakim » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:48 pm

Hey there,

I really want to start working/investing in the acqua plugins, but the cpu hit on for instance the pink plugins is too much for my setup. (2014 macbook pro retina/OSX/studio one 3).

What I really want to try though, is have a couple of stereo busses with different pre-amps. Are there any of the plugins that would bypass most of the processes while having a relatively low cpu hit for the pre-amp section? (red-eq for instance seems to be quite easy on the cpu while still doing something without using it as an eq)

What I'm looking for is a couple of options: N**e and A*I like coloured pre-amps and something a bit more transparent mojo'sh for the stereo buss..

Anyone on mac's that have successfully tried something like this?

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Re: stereo pre-amps/OSX/CPU

Postby mathias » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:59 pm

hi eliakim,

there is a myriad of preamp programs for nebula out there, you can try. some are even free (but you need nebula pro for many of them).
usually preamps don't have that much cpu hit, unless they use longer kernels for specific reasons.

many acquas are equipped with preamps, some even have more of them, where you can choose from.

have fun experimenting with nebula/acqua :)
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