getting distorted driven vocal sound

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getting distorted driven vocal sound

Postby scott11 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:45 pm

I was wondering how these bands got that distorted driven vocal sound? Any acqua plugins work for this or nebula gonna test drive ultramarine I figure with all those valves in hardware they can be pushed hard to distort nicely.

examples depeche mode wrong, barrel of a gun


linkin park crawling

marilyn manson beautiful people
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Re: getting distorted driven vocal sound

Postby namooz » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:48 am

Hey Scott, I've tried pushing some of the Nebula programs and my Acqua Blue, but the results are fairly subtle all the way up to 20dbfs input (which I never go to normally). Multiple combinations on the same track will do, but the single plugs don't seem to distort heavily, and my system won't let me stack more than 2 nebulas/track! The effect is subtle up to a point where the plugin won't be helped musically to be pushed any harder-just like real hardware-it depends on the unit……..And I have by no means tried all the nebula or elsewhere presets so there could very well be some that work this way-producing noticeable distortion or heavier, usable saturation. Also, the Acquas tend to be a lot hungrier, demanding more resources. What I do is load a particular track with Blue for example, ladle on the Germ pre, then follow it with something like the Decapitator or known distortion producing respectable plugin. This combo flavors everything after it with Blue which is just a gorgeous sounding plugin (as someone correctly described it here on the forum). I am, though, hesitant to use just anything but Nebula/Acqua anymore in my rig due to the majority of other plugin's typically noticably less than hardware sound. I mean, Nebula has really spoiled me, all of us. There are exceptions in my case for now out of necessity, and I do like some other plugins, especially those that aren't louder at default or "unity gain" settings.
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