ts9 - amp relation trick?

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ts9 - amp relation trick?

Postby mertayy » Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:11 pm

I bought a ts9 pedal and started experimenting with my amp, vst and nebula amps...

While experimenting I got my 2.nd demo licence of scuffham s-gear and the Park amp there had an interesting relation with my pedal.

While on other amps things were subtle and sweet with that amp (slightly driven like the others)it got a bit wild.

I'm curious to why this happened, maybe that amp was designed somehow around the tube screamer? like, where the ts9 isn't boosting (driving) that amp accentuates most?

with match eq, one can balance the colliding instrument freq.s in a mix. Can this be done with harmonics/distortion?
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