Nebula 3 Pro For Sale

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Nebula 3 Pro For Sale

Postby HIFIDELITY » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:03 am

Nebula 3 Pro=£125 will be £89 plus paypal fees.......From Aninloginthebox- Mammoth Eq(Massive Passive)=£13-Fate EQ(N**e 1073)=£13-Doc Fear EQ(D.W Fearn)=£11 and APE EQ(A*I 550B EQ+A*I 512 Pre-amp)£10........ Alexb=Classic Logic Console(S*L 40O0+)£35-PCS(Pre-amp suite with some of the best pre-amps ever made! From Rare,Vintage to Modern Total 39 both Solid State Tube. this is just amazing more colour than you could ever imagine! just check out the pdf on Alexb Site)£18- VMQ Mastering EQ(Vintage Teldec/N*****n EQ£18+The Expansion pack which costs£18.......Signaltonoize=Moog 4Pole Low Pass Filter£7- Vintage Iron U10 £5(A Sampled Vintage UTC Transformer used in many Analog Designs inc used in many classic analog designs. (Example vintage U*******l A***o). They are a large part of analog sound & character. They modify frequency/transient response & add mild saturation.Last but not least,rtyhminminds new Strip 76 Compressor,So thats the lot,i must say every program and nebula is in a class of its own,All the programs have that Analog magic! Now to the nitty gritty MONEY! Well everything new comes to £250! and i need £180 To pay a bill,so with that in mind i would consider £150 or near offer? For Everything,including Nebula 3 Pro. So let me know What you think and hopfuly we can do a deal? Kind Regards Jay p.s Everything is cleared with Giancarlo and the Lirary Devs p.ss PM Me if your intrested
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Re: Nebula 3 Pro For Sale

Postby CoolColJ » Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:56 am

I PM'ed you but didn't get a reply, just checking to see if it's been sold yet?
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