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Acustica Audio Glosary

Postby Support » Tue May 06, 2014 7:41 pm

Acustica Audio Glossary

AA: Acustica Audio.
G.: Giancarlo.
A.: Antonello.
E.: Enrique.
Z.: Franci Zabukovec.
BT: Beta tester.
3PD: 3 party developer.
N2: Nebula2.
N3: Nebula3.
N3P: Nebula3 Pro.
N3S Nebula3 Server.
N4: Nebula4.
NS Nebula Server.
AFX: Acqua Effect.
EP: Emulation preset.
N/V: .N2P and .N2V files.
INIT: Nebula initiation preset.
AUT: Authorization file.
LOG: Record of events.
SER: Serial file.
BTR: Beta release.
RC: Release candidate.
PB: Public beta.
OR: Official release.
SR: Sample rate.
SRC: Sample rate convert.
TP: True Peak.
ETA: Estimated time of arrival.
N/A: Not available.
NFR: Not for resale.
EVAL: Evaluation copy.
CR: Challenge–response.
ID: Computer ID code.
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