Nebula Man high Quality rendering (LTimed mode)

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Nebula Man high Quality rendering (LTimed mode)

Postby Gstell » Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:48 am

Hello , I posted in the Nebula forum and would like to pose this question in regards to Nebula Man.

I have the luxury to spend time testing some equipment for audio mastering. Said that, I am interested in pushing pure convolution (Ltimed)to its limits (beyond what current CPU's could handle through Nebula3).
One example would be a Nebula3 Reverb, processing seconds in Timed mode across multiple Kernels).
Giancarlo, I know that the NebulaReverb.XML can be edited for 100msec but can this be extended to multiple seconds?

I read an Article about CPU thread detection and usage here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7121/tria ... supermicro

This Article raises an interesting issue not only for Nebula and NAT but also for NebulaMan.
1. Does NebulaMan detect the proper thread count in a multi-CPU setup and is it capable to take advantage of all CPU threads to its fullest?
2.Is there a means to set the thread count manually in NebulaMan in case the automatic detection has failed?

4. What is the limit of threads NebulaMan can use(4 CPU - 4 core - 64 threads)?

5. I also would like to put in a word for 192khz as well as higher sample-rates although i read that you are about to implement that capability.

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Re: Nebula Man high Quality rendering (LTimed mode)

Postby zabukowski » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:46 am

NebulaMan is only a host which hosts Nebula. Pure processing done by NebulaMan (without Nebula itself) is very minor. NebulaMan uses/controls only few threads (GUI, preview and render) and I think there is not much more to do here.

The main multithreading 'magic' is happening inside Nebula (ACQUA library) itself. Nebula is the one, which actually puts a strain onto CPU(s) and distribute its processing tasks among multiple threads etc. Giancarlo is the first person who can tell, if there is any room for your suggested improvements :)

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