xmas request : classic vocal chain with N*****n u67

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xmas request : classic vocal chain with N*****n u67

Postby pat38 » Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:43 am

Dear Santa

For xmas please

Can you hook a N*****n u67 on a vintage N**e/S*L/A*I console then start sampling before xmas ?

just sing "jingle bells" into it...

Here are some preset hints, mapping the general vocal ranges associated with each voice type (Some singers within these voice types may be able to sing somewhat higher or lower[1]:

* Soprano: C4 – C6
* Mezzo-soprano: A3 – A5
* Contralto: F3 – F5
* Tenor: C3 – C5
* Baritone: F2 – F4
* Bass: E2 – E4

Note : In terms of frequency, human voices are roughly in the range of 80 Hz to 1100 Hz (that is, E2 to C6) for normal male and female voices together.

Thank you :)

ps: the poor shall inherit the earth, let's be a pain in the ebay speculator's butts :)
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