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Postby mertayy » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:02 pm

So with Nebula eq's we normally set one full kernel, and other bands clean so it won't be like using 1 hardware for 1 band and another hardware for a second band...right?

Just an idea but what if the 1 full kernel band was like a bandpass filter? I mean like after the edgest of Q (no matter how wide) its like a crossover.

Wouldn't that be a like a multiband eq? :lol: on the other hand emulations might be closer sounding to the original hardware (minus the crossover) cause each band spreads its sound to the entire freq. range rather than a clean one copying the next curve.

Maye might not work band per-instance but could be a good choice for aqua releases (even with crossover, bands can still interact, right?).

Thoughts :?:
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