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Combination Programs . Idea/Theory - Plausable/Possible

Postby MFX » Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:33 am

I tend to have several instances of Nebula on a bus (sub/group/master) which leads to a lot of weight on CPU and latency. I don't have Nebula on a lot except when mixing down or eco'.

So, I am wondering if it's possible to capture or merge a Nebula grouping/routing chain to a single as a program to a Nebula instance. Best way for me to explain this is take 2,3,4 or more instances of Nebula and merge as a single combo. ie: R2Rx + MBCeq + CLC = R2MC

I'm a Nebula end user rather than creator of vectors etc so I might be misunderstanding a lot in it's methodology and being a total plank!

An anology of what I am think would be like taking a number of photos and merging them into 1 image.

Be interesting and if possibly outside of theory would solve a lot of issues with cpu resources and latency.

Or is it simply not possible?

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