Reaper Bug ( Poor play back when used on bus with two sends)

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Reaper Bug ( Poor play back when used on bus with two sends)

Postby scooter » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:18 pm

Reaper Bug ( Poor play back when used on bus with two sends)
Using Nebula3 Pro 1.3.499n in OSx
24bit 96khz Audio files and session

I have a total of 9 audio tracks, a Submix bus going to the master as well as sending to a "Monitor/Control Room Out" for my studio monitors, which is using IK's ARC plugin.

I have one instance of CDSM CAB-NOEQ-ALL-K9 on each audio track for a total of 9 mono instances. On the Submix bus I have AlexB's 4kd Compressor. Reaper performance meter reads about 52%.

Here's where things get weird. When I load an another instance of Nebula (doesn't matter what) on the "Submix" bus audio playback becomes jerky and garbled, yet the CPU usage on OSx shows that CPU usage has dropped!

Now, if I instead add the Nebula instance to the Master bus, audio playback remains completely fine and CPU usage goes up to 60.22% as you might expect.

I'm also getting drop outs occurring during playback whether or not I use Reaper 64 or x86.

Any ideas what could be happening

EDIT: I've been playing with the DSP BUFFER size in the XML and lowering it from the default appears to help, but the CPU usage still appears to be more than it should as well as I get three different readings. Reapers Performance meter gives %13.6% at the top and 62% at the bottom, yet OSx's CPU meter is at about 85-90%. Strange?!
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