Nebula3 Pro 1.3.475 not working in Wavelab 4

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Nebula3 Pro 1.3.475 not working in Wavelab 4

Postby JDrums » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:33 pm


I just did a upgrade from Nebula3 Pro 1.3.467 to 1.3.475, but encountered issue in Wavelab 4.

When trying to open Nebula 3 or Nebula 3 Reverb, Wavelab 4 gives error message: "Error reported by plug-in Nebula 3: can't handle required number of input channels".

All previous versions of Nebula 3 Pro have worked OK with Wavelab 4, including version 1.3.467, so I reverted back to it for time being.

Operating system: Win XP Pro 32bit with all updates.

Note: Neb 3 version 1.3.475 seems to work fine in Cubase 5, only Wavelab 4 gets affected.

Looking forward to have correction soon. Thank's!!

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Re: Nebula3 Pro 1.3.475 not working in Wavelab 4

Postby giancarlo » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:51 am

it's maybe caused by sidechain channels, I'm sorry. We'll try a workaround... but I'm not sure we can support it. Stick with old version. Wavelab is not compatible with steinberg own specifications in this case.
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