N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Now Available

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N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Now Available

Postby cdsoundmaster » Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:42 pm

CDSoundMaster is pleased to announce that the N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Plug-In Suite is now available.

Please visit http://www.cdsoundmaster.com/site/N-TEN-AT4-ACQUA.html for more information.

The N-TEN-AT4 VST is designed for use with Windows 32 bit compatible Hosts. To be sure that it works with your system, a free demo version is available on the page above.

Special Offer for N-TEN-AT4 Nebula Library Customers:
If you have purchased the N-TEN-AT4 Program Library for Nebula, get the N-TEN-AT4 VST Plug-In Suite for only $9.99! (Please contact us and let us know the email that was used to purchase your N-TEN-AT4 for Nebula to receive this special offer.)

Thank you for your awesome support and God Bless You!

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Re: N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Now Available

Postby elam » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:10 pm

Very nice Michael.Great job.I will test it tonite.
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