Mega Distortion for Nebula Pro 3

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Mega Distortion for Nebula Pro 3

Postby Henry Olonga » Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:05 pm

This was made available on the old site so it is not new but I have thrown in two Pres as well sampled at 96 khz.Power distortion, as the preset is called, was sampled using Prismsound orpheus convertors and was a signal path involving a driven console, headphone output of the P1 and a loop through a harmonic generator.This preset will add a few overtones to your track/mix especially in the lows and mids making it richer and fuller and more analog in texture. Use it to beef up thin drums or weak recordings and it also acts as gentle soft leveller or glue as well to make a mix more cohesive. Details deeper in the mix come more to the fore. I have decided to make this one a cheap one. Please note it works best at 96 khz IMHO. Don't push it too much though, a little goes a long way.

It is still free on my blog if you want to check out what it does - if you like it and you feel like it is worth rewarding me then you can pay for it and you get the two complimentary pres as well...

http://www.henryolonga.net/Blog/?p=728& ... omment-168

Available from my site for £5.

http://www.henryolongashop.net/Merchant ... ry_Code=NP
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