best sounding pre for me... fate eq line in! what you think?

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best sounding pre for me... fate eq line in! what you think?

Postby david1103 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:36 pm

i have been going through all the pre's i have in nebula, which is a lot :)

looking for a pre that just made things sound good without changing the sound too much, i keep on coming back to the fate eq 'line in' 5 kernal preamp. it seems to always be the best sound for everything.

i am wondering if there is something funny with my hearing, or it really is that good? how would other people describe what it does and what would they use it on?

when i stick it on my first reaction is like the flat sound of a VST becomes almost 'chorused' somehow (!?) and just comes to life. i can't say what it is really, wondered if anyone else had an opinion on this?

there are some great pres for adding air, and providing more distortion/life, but they don't seem to have the special something.

it is a subtle thing, but i think i found the sound i have been looking for :) can't wait to try it as a virtual console.
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Re: best sounding pre for me... fate eq line in! what you think?

Postby Mercado_Negro » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:53 pm

If you like Fate EQ's Line-In program then you're gonna LOVE AlexB's Vintage Blue Console... ;)

Yeah, it is that N**e sound, definitely. It applies some sort of changes in dynamics and 'rounds up' things nicely, very pleasant. The 1073 is a sweet preamp. My favorite preamp is the MTP (ADL600), its sound just fits in everything I throw it at :) (though I agree this 'Line-In' program that comes with the Fate EQ is GREAT).
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